Antoni Gaudi, born in 1852 in southern Catalunya (Reus) is the modernista architect which at least in my eyes dominates the city with his amazing buildings and creations. For more information of Gaudi's life and work, pls check out AntoniGaudi.net.

La Sagrada Familia ...
... the construction began in 1882 under F. Villar, 2 years later he was replaced with A. Gaudi by J.M. Bocabella. After the death of Gaudi in 1926, just the work of the north-eastern facade (Nativity) was finished in 1930. In 1936 many of Gaudi's models and plans were destroyed. Than for about 14 yrs nothing was done, but in 1950 the work restarted first with the reconstruction of the models. And also now in 2002 there's still a lot work left, some people guess that the building might be finished in about 20 years? Who knows?

See also: SagradaFamilia.Org (a bit to "flashy") and Greatbuildings.com


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