My Conclusion:

I really liked the combination of both islands on this trip, since they are very different. What I also would recommend is to rent a car, since otherwise it's sometimes pretty hard to get around, but on Porto Santo it's enough to have a car for 24h.
The hotels where I stayed were great resorts with many facilities, which I almost didn't use at all - since the weather was normally good enough to explore the island. What I didn't like that much about the hotels was that there were almost "only germans" around, and due to my other vacations I'm not really used to these kind of resorts, I'm more used to small hotels or B&B's, where you can meet people from around the world - which I think is more fun!     ;-)
I think the beginning of November was a good time to do this trip since it's not the main season. Actually on Madeira there were still some tourists around but not that many, on my hikes I did meet normally just a couple people (up to 20). On Porto Santo there I had the impression that I had the island almost to myself and I really enjoyed the "deserted" beach.

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