Paul da Serra

... is a plateau (over 1000 meters high), where there is not much vegetation. But from here much of the rainfall is collected in the many levadas which run from the top into the various valleys of the island.

While driving / hiking here on the plateau you'll get many wonderful views of/over the island of Madeira.

Here I did 2 levada hikes:
The first one started at the "Posto Florestal Rabacal" and final destination was the "Risco" waterfall (about 200m high). Since is was still early in the morning and in this valley was up to that point no sunshine, I decided against the hike to the "25 springs" which I could had done in the same area. So I went back to the car and did drive up to the plateau again into the direction of the "Pico Ruivo do Paul", which is the highest point (1640m) of the plateau. There I hiked up to the top, again near a very small levada, which ended / started in the spring. On the top it was very windy and I had a great view especially to the east of the island.


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