Ribeira da Janela & Porto Moniz

Ribeira da Janela ...
... is a wonderful lush geen valley (east of Porto Moniz), where you also can find many vineyards which are placed in terraces on the slopes of the valley.
My first "Levada" hike started out in "Lamaceiros" and went into the canyon of the "Ribeira da Janela". This levada path was well maintained and in good shape.

"Levadas" are water channels which run along all over the island transporting water from the north side to the south side, and from rivers to the ridges. These water channels were built shortly after the discovery of the island, to water the sugar cane plants in the valleys. Today the whole levada system over the island adds up to about 2000km of levadas, and many of them were prepared for hikers.

Porto Moniz ...
... is a small village in the North-West of the island, it's famous for it's natural lava pools.


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