... is located in the west of the island (80km far from Funchal), by car it took me about an hour to get there from the airport.
Prazeres is a small village with about 1500 inhabitants, compared with the east of the island, the west has almost no tourism facilities, which is not a disadvantage, since the nature is just wonderful. The only big hotel in this area is the Hotel Jardim Atlāntico which is built about 500m above the coast, there I stayed for the first 4 nights. I had a room in the main complex with a gorgeous view to Paul do Mar.

On my first day on the island I did drive from Prazeres up north, first to "Ponta do Pargo", furtheron to "Archada Grande" and then up in the mountains on the "EN110", where I had a great overview of the island.
At the end of the day there were many clouds down on the coast, but up in the mountains (altitude about 1200 meters) it was still sunny.

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